Cellande reinforces its investments in the industrial waste processing operations

Cellande really wants to integrate environment protection to all the life steps of its products.

It reinfroces its efforts concerning the professional waste processing operations, created by its production.

For example, it buys a compactor to reduce the volume of plastics and boxes. These balls are picked up by a local firm to be reused in other items.

Cellande also focuses on the discharge of wastewater (cleaning …). Thanks to few improvements of the external and internal premises, Cellande forecasts to considerably reduce effluents to be treated.

These actions limit the use of water, reducing the quantity of water annually treated, and also minimise the impact on the environment of shipping of this water to the sewage treatment plant.

However, all these operations would be unusefull, without the implication of the Cellande employees, who have been sensitized to sorting waste and to the positive impact of these new actions can have on the environment.